Compliance "Gap" Auditing
Health & Safety Systems Development
Health and Safety "Gap" audits are compliance tool used to provide clients with a reality check on the health of their Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems (OSHMS).
There are many reasons why a Health and Safety system may not be compliant, or may not be serving the needs of the business. These include:
  • the business does not have an in-house H&S resource, resulting in changes to legislation, regulations, ACOPs or industry guidelines not being accounted for in your H&S system
  • the nature or scope of your business operation has evolved, and any new facilities, plant, equipment and processes have not been considered in the context of Health and Safety - e.g new risks have been introduced but not risk assessed
  • key team members with specialised training/certifications may have left your company, and the qualifications they leave with have not been considered in your training or succession planning. You may suddenly be left in a position where you do not have anyone in the business who is qualified to undertake a particular work activity
  • some businesses have a Health and Safety manual sitting on a shelf collecting dust, and believe they are covered in meeting their legislative duties as a PCBU
Regardless of the reason why your H&S system may not be fully compliant, we can identify those gaps, and provide you with a comprehensive audit report that highlights the areas for improvement, as well as a Corrective Action Plan to address any issues identified.
For clients who do not have any formal Health and Safety system in place, our Gap Audit will assist in identifying those areas where you may already have a process or control, but it is not documented, or accounted for in a Risk Register. 
For new businesses, or businesses where there is no Health and Safety Management System in place, we can develop your full system within a structured framework that considers the scope of your business operation, and the diversity of your business.
Whether you are a single site company, or a large company with multiple sites across the country and a lot of complexity, we have the experience and expertise to build your H&S systems to ensure your risk profile is well managed.
We will work alongside the PCBU to develop your Health and Safety Policy. This is your commitment to you business and your people, and the rest of your Health and Safety systems shall be developed to align with your policy statement, and reflect just how you will achieve your policy objectives.
We will work with your teams to ensure all potential areas of risk are identified, and a structured plan to remove, or minimise any identified risks is put in place. Our approach to developing Health and Safety systems is inclusive, and we will engage with your people, and any other stakeholders throughout the process. 
Where risks are identified that require specialised, or technical assessment in order to quantify the risk - e.g environmental testing to ascertain the level of exposure employees may have to atmospheric dusts in a workplace, we will engage service providers with the relevant qualifications and experience to undertake such work. That way, you know with confidence that the controls put in place to mitigate any exposure to risks have been assessed by experts, and the controls - e.g correct type of respiratory PPE and Health Monitoring Programmes, have been selected based on the results of appropriate testing.
OSHMS Management
Scheduled Verification Audits
If your Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS) has been developed, but you do not have the necessary in-house experience to manage your system, we can do this for you.
It is a requirement as an experienced H&S professional that we keep up to date with all things H&S related. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • changes to H&S legislation and regulations
  • changes to industry standards, ACOPs and guidelines
  • new technologies that are used as control measures to mitigate risks
  • published research and data on H&S topics
  • changes to H&S laws and regulations in other countries that may have future impacts in New Zealand
  • Regulator prosecutions and outcomes
We also maintain membership with the New Zealand Institute of Safety Management (NZISM), and use our professional body networks to keep abreast of changes within the Health and Safety industry.
Our experience, knowledge and networks ensure that your OSHMS is kept up to date, and any changes that will impact on your business are considered proactively, and incorporated into your Health and Safety system as appropriate.
Our contracted services for the management of your OSHMS also includes ongoing Verification Auditing, and we can develop training for your teams which is tailored to your business and is relevant to your people.
Our Verification Audit programme ensures that your Health and Safety systems are audited on a regular schedule. Our audit process is comprehensive, and covers the full scope of your OSHMS.
The frequency of your Verification Audits shall be tailored to the risk profile of your business. If your business is complex and has a large number of risks, multiple sites, or if there is a history of accident reporting that suggests you may need to keep close to what is happening with your Health and Safety systems, this would be reflected in the number of Verification Audits undertaken in a calendar year.
If, however, you have minimal risks in your business, and a good safety record, the audit frequency recommended shall also reflect the health of your H&S systems.
Our audits include the following areas as a minimum:
  • Risk Management -using your Risk Register as a reference
  • Staff Training - including Refresher Training
  • H&S Engagement - H&S Committees or other engagement methods
  • Health Monitoring - reports used as reference
  • Accident and Incident Reporting Data
  • PPE - Specific certifications - e.g height safety equipment certifications, respiratory PPE maintenance/replacement  programmes, etc
  • Contractor Management
  • Risk specific permits - e.g Hot Work, Confined Spaces Entry Permits (CSEP)
  • HSNO Management
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Outstanding non-conformances from previous audits
As with all of our audit services, a comprehensive report and Corrective Action Plan shall be provided on completion of the audit. We will work with you to close out any non-conformances raised, and will incorporate any amendments to your OSHMS that may be required as an outcome of the audit process.
Health and Safety Training
It is crucial to the success of your Health and Safety management, and to creating the right safety culture within your business that your people receive the training they need to do their job safely.
We can develop tailored training presentations for your teams to be delivered in-house, and also have access to a number of external training providers for those specialised workplace skills, including:
  • Forkhoist Operation
  • Chemical Handling and Spill Management
  • Working at Heights
  • Confined Spaces Work
  • Fire and Emergency Warden & Fire Extinguisher Use
  • First Aid
We will work with you to identify all areas of training required, and can develop your Training Matrix to help manage ongoing Refresher Training and certification requirements